Saturday, April 20, 2013

New Clover Amour Crochet Hooks

New New New!  I just bought a set of Clover crochet hooks a week ago!  It's called CLOVER AMOUR!  Clover used to have those yellow color with a spot of soft touch grip crochet hooks in the market for a very long time.  Since another Japanese brand named TULIP (it's my favorite brand) has imported to the US few years ago, its famous crochet hooks ETIMO get so popular! It's because the body of the whole crochet hook is made in soft plastic.  It's so comfortable to hold the hook in your hand and your fingers won't get hurt after hours of crocheting! Now, Clover has manufactured these kind of hooks in beautiful colors!  I bought a set of 10 hooks from size B (2.25mm) to size J (6.0cm) which is my 3rd crochet set!  The shape, material and texture are as same as those TULIP ETIMO hooks!  You may give it a try!  

I saw the Clover Amour set on ebay.  The price is very compatible with TULIP ETIMO which is about $80 per set (including a hook case).  However, I also found TULIP ETIMO launching at A.C. Moore recently!  If you somehow receive an A.C. Moore coupon, you may save up to 50% off on a regular item which would be about $35-$40! 

Once you have used either the TULIP ETIMO or CLOVER AMOUR hooks, you won't go back to those hard and heavy aluminum hooks!

My Collections: Clover Soft Touch (Upper pink Set), Tulip Etimo (Left) and Clover Amour (Right)


  1. I am so jealous of your hook collection! Could you possibly make a post that shows and compares the heads? I would love to see how the grooves compare. I usually prefer a deeper groove like the Susan Bates hooks.

  2. Thank you for your comments, I bought some Tulip hooks in Japan, and they are wonderful. Now I will try the Clover type.



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