Sunday, July 3, 2016

Daisy Granny Square Cushion Pillow

I think I've been fallen in love with granny squares!  I used to be scared of making granny squares because I have no patience to make many of them and join them together. I was once making a piano cover with granny square. I made 30 of them then I quit.  The squares became coasters in the kitchen!

I think I've been growing old enough (not a granny yet!) to patiently crochet granny squares now! I'd say I love it!  When the Stitch Studio Storybook lullaby yarns were on sale at A.C. Moore, I bought dozen of them - every single color! They've been sitting in the closet for a while and I was thinking how to get rid of them. I used them to make amigurumi dolls but I still couldn't finish them.  Suddenly granny square just popped up in my mind and I made two beautiful cushions with these yarns!  The small cushion is 12"x16" which is a perfect size for me and the square one is 16"x16" (16 squares in total, huh!). They're bought at Walmart under $3 each! Great deal! So, two cushions were made for my daughters! They of course love them!

Unfortunately, they're made by freehand so I don't have a pattern.  After I posted it on Facebook, so many people were asking for a pattern. Sorry ladies, I'm too lazy to write the pattern in words but I drew a diagram of the granny square. Is that ok?  For the back, many people asked, what it looks's nothing!  Just double crochet in white yarn with 3 buttons for opening! If you'd prefer, you can double the number of squares so that both sides look the same. Therefore, the buttons would be at the edge.

This is how I block the squares by using an empty Kleenex Tissue Box. Stick 4 bamboo sticks inside the box and through the bottom!

ahhhh.....I always have trouble to name the Treble or tc? I'm confused!

Sunshine Granny Square Baby Blanket

My little nephew was born in May so that I made this sunshine color baby blanket for him!  I chose the DROPS Muskat cotton yarns because it's 100% mercerized cotton. I think it's good for babies. However, it's a little heavy. Cotton yarns are not as light as acrylic yarns!

Anyway, I love the combination of colors - so bright and full of sunshine! You can find this free pattern in my Ravelry shop. Please click HERE for free download!


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Twin Babies Amigurumi (Pattern)

Are these twin babies so cute? They are my designs for a cousin who is carrying boy-girl twins. The boy is in a gray color baby jumpsuit with a bear hat! And the girl is wearing a pink dress with a hat of a bunny! They are great gifts for baby showers or kids' birthdays! You may find these patterns on Ravelry and Etsy. These patterns contain many pictures to guide you through how to make both the boy and the girl.


Mini Girls Amigurumi (Pattern)

Are these girls cute! I was inspired by my 2 daughters and their friend K - BFF! Each of the girls is wearing a bunny hat, kitty hat and bear hat with a matching color dress with accessories. They are great gifts for any girls or yourself! You may find this pattern on Ravelry or Etsy. This pattern contains many pictures to guide you through how to make all three mini girls and their accessories!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

G Dragon (GD) Amigurumi 2

Again! I'm too crazy about G Dragon! I just finished another G Dragon amigurumi in a red jacket!  It was one of his images back in 2012 who had red hair! So cool!  He wore this outfit both on stage and a variety show. Hope that you'd like my creation!

Wedding Couple in Traditional Chinese Costume Amigurumi

My sister-in-laws got married last year and I made her a wedding couple in traditional Chinese costume. You may contact me for custom order or visit my facebook or Etsy shop for more pictures, dolls and patterns.


Wedding Couple Amigurumi

I recently received a custom order of making a wedding couple! They are about 8-9 inches tall.  This is my second creation of wedding couple! Please contact me for custom order or visit my facebook or Etsy shop for more pictures and patterns.


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