Thursday, June 25, 2020

New Design: Little Bunny (Pattern)

Wow! I haven't written any blog since 2016! OMG! I almost forgot to update my new designs here! Life is busy as usual but it doesn't stop me to create.....In these past years, I mostly focused on knitting rather than crocheting. I've knitted many beautiful knitwear. If you're interested, please visit my Ravelry account to see them.

During this difficult pandemic time, I have created few crochet designs. One of them is this Little Bunny! I was inspired by a newborn bunny in my backyard one day in early spring, just before Easter! The bunny was so cute who was in brown but also had a patch of white fur near the tail. Therefore I made a pattern of a bunny right away! Hope that everyone is doing well during this difficult time and stay safe and healthy!

You may find this Little Bunny pattern here on Ravelry!

You may find this Little Bunny pattern here on Ravelry


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